Kinder Playtime Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

– Where can I watch your videos?

– How old are your kids? What are their names?
Jacob (8), Emily (6), Chloe (4), and Isaac (1)

– How can I get a hold of you guys?
Email us at contact@kinderplaytime.com

– Where do you get all of your toys from?
We buy 95% of all of the toys we open on Kinder Playtime.  We have never created a single video for anyone who has sponsored us.  We receive toys from companies from time to time, but only create videos of toys that we really think our kids and viewers will enjoy learning more about.

– “Surely you guys must be toy hoarders!”  “You’re spoiling your kids so much!”
Most of the toys that we show on our channel we eventually donate to a good cause.  Our kiddos cycle through a lot of toys; you would be surprised by how many toys they don’t have on a daily basis!  Many of the toys that we like we keep for our Kinder Playtime studio backdrop that you can see in almost every video.  If our kids want to keep a toy featured in a video, they simply trade it out with a toy they aren’t playing with as much anymore from their collection.  That unused toy is then donated and loved by other kids.

Here is a box we recently donated to a local school for incentives for good behavior:

– Why doesn’t your dad ever show his face?
He’s shy!  Just kidding.  Mostly because he’s the one behind the camera and partly because he hasn’t found the right opportunity to reveal to the world that he’s actually Superman.

– Do you guys do shout outs on your videos?!
As of March 2018 we do shout outs!  If you would like one please visit here: https://kinderplaytime.com/shout-outs/

– Do you have any giveaways?
As of July 2018 we will not be doing any more giveaways for the foreseeable future.  We are very sorry!

“What is wrong with Emily’s smile?  She looks like a zombie or something!”
We actually used to called her our “Zombie Baby” when she was very little.  She has always had a slightly crooked smile and that has been perfect for us.  It’s beautiful!  We love it!

More to Come!

Do you have a question that isn’t answered above?  Please let us know in the comment section below!  Thanks!